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Mid-term elections: Trump warns of ‘ violence’ if Democrats win

US President Donald Trump has warned that his policies will be "violently" overturned if the Democrats win November's mid-term elections. He told Evangelical leaders that...
paris harrassment

Man arrested for CCTV street attack on woman

A man has been detained by French police after a video went viral of a woman being publicly attacked in a Paris street. Marie Laguerre...
yemen crisis

War crimes committed in Yemen – UN

UN human rights experts believe war crimes may have been committed by all parties to the conflict in Yemen. In their first such report, they...
pope francis

Pope keeps silent on abuse claim letter at end of Irish visit

Pope Francis has refused to give a reaction to claims by a former Vatican person working on relations between nations who asked him to...
berlin fire

Firefighters battle forest inferno in Berlin

Fire-fighters in Germany are fighting to control one of the largest Forest fires in decades, 50km south of Berlin. The bright flame put out on top overnight on Thursday to an area equal to 500 foot-ball pitches. Fire groups of workers, many of them helpers, had their work complex by the existence of unexploded war material, which bed the tree-covered lands around Berlin. Hundreds of people have been moved away from homes given suggestions of violent behaviour, danger by the fire. Read also: US...
Senator, John McCain

US Senator, John McCain discontinues Brain Cancer treatment

United States Senator, John McCain (R), will no longer undergo treatment for brain cancer, family members said. The 81 year old Arizona Senator has been...

215 die in suicide attacks in Syria

No less than 215 individuals have passed on in a progression of clearly co-ordinated assaults in south-western Syria, neighborhood authorities say. A few suicide bombings...

Dozens killed during election in Pakistan

Pakistan has been hit by brutality upon the arrival of its general poll - with no less than 31 dead in the most noticeably...
Maria Butina

Russian agent charged with spying in the US

A 29-year-old woman accused of being a Russian agent has been charged by the United States government for conspiracy and infiltration of political groups. The...

19 killed in China industrial park explosion [Photos]

19 persons have been confirmed dead and 12 others critically injured after an explosion rocked an industrial park in the Sichuan province of China,...