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Yeyo Labs turns firearms into headphones

Sweden's Yevo Labs has unveiled a set of wireless headphones that incorporate metal made from seized illegal guns. The charging case and a band on...

Bentley launches first hybrid ultra-luxurious SUV

Bentley has been promising a hybrid version of its Bentayga SUV for over 3 years, and now, it's been finally released. The simply-titled Bentayga Hybrid delivers the...

Mark Zuckerberg admits Facebook made mistakes

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has admitted the social network "made mistakes" over the Cambridge Analytica scandal and a "breach of trust" had occurred between...

T-Mobile to buy Sprint in $26bn merger

US telecoms giant T-Mobile has agreed to buy its rival Sprint in a $26bn (£18.9bn) deal. The merger of America's third and fourth largest mobile...

Samsung launches ‘The Wall’ modular TV

Samsung has announced a giant 146in (396cm) TV called The Wall at the CES tech show in Las Vegas. The TV features a micro-LED display,...

General Motors to make cars without steering in 2019

Auto manufacturing companies have intensified efforts to flood the roads with unmanned vehicles with General Motors (GM) concluding plans to build cars without a...

Self-driving shuttle bus in crash on first day

A self-driving shuttle bus in Las Vegas was involved in a crash on its first day of service. The vehicle - carrying “several” passengers -...