Emery appointed Arsenal’s Head Coach after secret vote

Coach Unai Emery

Unai Emery has been unanimously selected as new Head Coach of English Premier League club, Arsenal by club chiefs after a secret vote, Arsenal’s Chief Executive, Ivan Gazidis says.

Emery signed a three-year contract on Wednesday to replace Frenchman, Arsene Wenger, at the Emirates Stadium.

In an interview with a UK newspaper, Gazidis said: “All the way going through the process, Raul and I and Sven spoke to each other as little as possible because we didn’t want to pollute each other’s viewpoints from the discussions we had had.

“We wanted to come to the discussion fresh when we had been through all eight of the final candidates.

“We narrowed it down to three. We spent an entire day discussing among those three. At the end of the day, three of us all wrote on a piece of paper, one, two, three, and put them into the middle of the table.

“And the choices were all, one, two, three, the same. And Unai was at the top of all of our lists,” Gazidis said.

The English club finished sixth in the Premier League with 37-points.

Gazidis said he wants improvement adding that there were no expectations of instant success under the new coach.

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