Gas pipeline explodes on Lagos-Ibadan Expressway

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A gas pipeline on Tuesday exploded on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The gas pipeline belonged to the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.

The incident occurred when an excavator used by a major construction company on road rehabilitation accidentally burst the pipeline.

The gas leakage caused residents around the area to panic and movement of vehicles were halt.

A construction worker said: “We were using an excavator at the time, but we did not know that there was a pipeline running through that area.

“Suddenly, around 2pm, we heard an explosion, which lifted all of us off the ground.

“The operator of the excavator was the one who started using his equipment to pour sand on the spot to prevent a fire outbreak.

“He could have died while trying to save us but we did not lose anyone.”

A resident said: “When we heard the explosion, we all took to our heels. Thereafter, we started experiencing peppery feeling in our eyes. We were all in a state of panic until the valve was closed from a substation.”

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