Kenya MP arrested for assault on female colleague

Kenya Parliament

A Kenyan MP has been apprehended for purportedly slapping a female colleague since she didn’t assign cash to his voting demographic.

Rashid Kassim is blamed for slapping Fatuma Gedi, who sits on the Budget Committee, in the capital Nairobi.

A photograph of Ms Gedi crying with blood in her mouth after the supposed attack has been shared broadly on Twitter.

Female MPs left parliament afterwards, in protest after their male associates ridiculed them.

Mr Kassim, MP for Wajir East in north-eastern Kenya, is blamed for assaulting Ms Gedi in the parliament parking lot in the wake of standing up to her concerning why she had not dispensed cash to his constituency.

Male MPs at that point ridiculed their female partners in parliament over the episode.

A female MP Sabina Wanjiru Chege, told reporters that:

“A portion of our male partners began taunting us and saying it was slapping day,” adding that they said “ladies needed habits” and “we have to realize how to treat men”.

Female MPs hence left parliament, requesting the arrest of Mr Kassim, who was therefore confined.

“We are altogether individuals from parliament… we are no lesser than them,” Ms Chege said.

Mr Kassim has not remarked on the occurrence.

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