S-H-O-C-K-E-R: Man experiences menstruation after cheating on wife

An african witch doctor

A Zimbabwe man claimed he has been experiencing menstruation for the past two weeks.

The man, Joseph Mwale 40, narrates how he experiences pains during urination and discharging blood, accusing his wife Sheilah Kahari of bewitching him.

“I am in pain brother, to be honest with you I have been cheating on my wife and I strongly suspect that my wife used juju on me,” Joseph said to local media.

“At first I thought it was bilharzia but it is not and the pain forced me to confess to my wife and we later engaged our relatives including my in-laws.

“As we speak my in-laws are expecting me to buy a beast to give my wife of 15 years as a fine for cheating on her.

“My wife is forcing me to visit Sekuru Banda [ a witch doctor ]and I strongly suspect that this Sekuru Banda might be the one who bewitched me to undergo this.

“I have no option, I cheated and if confessing and paying the fine is the only way to be delivered, I am prepared to meet Sekuru Banda.

“I regret my evil acts” cried Joseph. He also showed scars on his body of fighting with his wife, Sheilah.

Sheilah refused to speak with local media as she ran away from reporters.

However, the witch doctor, popularly called, Sekuru Banda confirmed giving married women charms that can cause mysterious things to force the partner to return to his family.

“Every day I attend to people seeking help over cheating husbands and some are forcing me to attend to them during the night as they do not want to be spotted by their spouses,” said Banda.
“We are receiving visitors from UK, Botswana, Malawi and South Africa daily that some are booked in local hotels as they wait to consult me over stolen property and other traditional issues.
“I can cause cheats to experience things like menstruation, developing female or male organs or talking to animals so as to force you back to your wife,” said the witch doctor.

Men and women were spotted waiting to consult Sekuru Banda with some in parked vehicles with foreign plates.

However, a medical doctor, John Mvurume, described the case as a rare disease that needed urgent attention.

“Problem of blood urine is one of the rarest diseases that needs urgent treatment since it usually involves the kidneys,” said Dr. Mvurume

“We treat that as emergency and that man must visit a urological doctor urgently,” he added.

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