SHOCKING: Woman arrested for squeezing man’s genitals

Katie Lee Pitchford
The suspect, Katie Lee Pitchford, 21

A woman has been arrested after purportedly pressing her boyfriend’s genitals until they drained blood, police said.

The incident occurred on June 4 in Indian Harbor Beach, southeast of Orlando. According to a police report, authorities reacted to a distress call from a man who said his live-in lover had struck him.

The report said the woman — identified as Katie Lee Pitchford, 21, had moved toward becoming ‘goaded’ during a contention.

Katie Lee Pitchford
Katie Lee Pitchford and her unnamed boyfriend

The supposed victim, whose identity was not disclosed, purportedly told officers that Pitchford had struck him with her fists and scratched the left half of his face.

A release statement, revealed the man’s face was bloodied and had unmistakable wounding. The man apparently told officers that Pitchford had gotten him “by his b—s and pressed them until they drained,” the Miami Herald reported.

He told officers that after Pitchford gagged him until he couldn’t inhale, he figured out how to wrestle her away and call police, the statement revealed.

Pitchford was arrested for battery and faulted for disregarding her probation.

While in the backseat of the watch vehicle, Pitchford purportedly requested to converse with the man in question so she could apologize.

She has been detained by the Brevard County Sheriff’s office and will appear in court.

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