Woman arrested for pimping out kids for drugs and cash

A woman has been arrested for allegedly pimping her two young children in exchange for drugs and cash in Wisconsin.

Police say the 39-year-old mother, Michelle Mayer, sells her two children, aged between 6 and 9, to men whom she referred to as ‘uncles’, doping the children into submission and at times beating them with a baseball bat if they refused to obey.

In exchange the men gave Mayer meth, cocaine and money.

The crimes allegedly took place in Mayer’s mother’s house.

Michelle Mayer

Mayer was on Thursday charged with two counts of repeated sexual assault of a child and being an accomplice to a crime.

According to a criminal complaint, the mother has been trafficking her children for at least six and a half years. But Police say the ‘trafficking’ may have started about nine years ago.

According to Fox News, an informant who related to the police the role play by Mayer’s mother said assaulters went by street names like ‘Dollar, Junior, BamBam and Pinky.’

The men also allegedly photographed the children nude.

Investigations revealed the children were injected with meth more than 100 times to keep awake during the abuse. The longer the children stayed awake the more money and drugs the mother would earn.

Investigation also showed the acts occurred ‘every other day’. 

Mayer was reportedly present during the assaults. The children have been taken away from their mother, police say.

The spokesperson for the Eau Claire Police, Bridget Coit said sexual assault cases like this are difficult.

“They’re really hard for the victim, their families, and officers and other authorities trying to investigate those,” she said.

Adding that, it’s “difficult due to fear of retribution and retaliation on the part of people involved”.

Police are investigating the men who allegedly assaulted the children.

However, no arrests have been made as residents wondered how such crimes could persist for so long.

Mayer could face up to 80 years in prison if convicted.

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